We take our work seriously and are accountable for our responsibilities and actions. We don’t make excuses. Instead, we learn from our experiences to continuously improve our services and organization.


We rise to the occasion! Our support is unconditional–we serve people regardless of their needs. We want to help those in need today and every tomorrow.

Willing to teach

We want our employees to be successful. We recognize our employees’ strengths and seek opportunities to maximize their personal enrichment through training and advancement.


We recognize each person is unique and the cares they need are diverse. The dreams and desires of the people we serve are the focal point of all we do, and we adapt our approaches and techniques accordingly.


We care. We care about each other, the people we serve, our customers, our vendors and our communities. We appreciate that every one of us faces challenges in our daily lives and are willing to listen and help each other in any way we can.

Helping others

We are honored and privileged to serve people. We do this because we like helping others. We appreciate the personal experiences and rewards received from what we do.