The dreams and desires of the people we support are the focal point of all we do, and we adapt our approaches and techniques accordingly. We encourage people to be involved in determining when and how their supports are provided.

Youth Services

Innovative Services has been providing community-based youth supports since 2007. The focus of our youth services is on maximizing natural supports in the youths’ own environments. Providing supports in-place helps to reduce out-of-home placements, police and crisis calls and further trauma to the people we support, their families and the community. Our supports teach youth about barriers and how to manage and overcome them.

Vocational Services

Innovative Services strives to provide tailored, individualized vocational and daily living programming for adults with disabilities and mental health diagnoses. Rather than looking at it being one specific “service,” it should be viewed as a very unique process or plan for each person. Programming offered must benefit each person served and focus on individualized goals. How one reaches his or her goals is a path each person must be a part of navigating. It is the mission of Innovative Services vocational department to assist with this course in a way that emphasizes and promotes consumer involvement and choice.

Residential Services

The residential services offered by Innovative Services are comprised of Adult Family Homes (AFH) and Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF). Both types of residential homes are licensed by the state of Wisconsin and held to the highest of standards. All residential homes operated by Innovative Services are houses within residential neighborhoods in the community and typically are home to four people in an AFH and five to eight people in a CBRF. The people living in residential services programs are non-related adults requiring more individual attention than supported living settings but fewer supports than a nursing home.

Mental Health Services

Innovative Services offers community-based mental health services for people across the lifespan. Services are person-centered and recovery-focused, achieving the optimum level of independence and choice for all people and their families. Mental health services are available 365 days a year and include minimal supports from once weekly services to intensive 24-hour interventions in the person’s home, in the community, or at an Innovative Services programming site.

Community Supported Living Services

People served through the community supported living programs live in their own homes or apartments, most often alone or with a roommate. The foundation of a community supported living program begins with an evaluation of a person’s capabilities and desires. From that information, Innovative Services builds a specific and appropriate support system that ensures the person’s desired outcomes are realized with a primary focus on achieving maximum independence through enabling the individual to attain his or her own outcomes whenever possible.

Rural Community Concept

The Rural Community Concept is a facilitated community setting situated on 80 acres of farm and forested land in North Central Wisconsin. The community is a series of two-bedroom duplexes available for individuals to rent, a farm house, greenhouse, barn and shed. This program focuses on a holistic approach to community living by offering rental housing, vocational training opportunities and social interaction.

Wellness Center Services

Our Wellness Centers aim to help individuals find happiness to live their best life. Our educated and experienced mental health staff includes licensed professional counselors, licensed counselors-in-training, substance abuse counselors, and mental health technicians.

Our Technology


Innovative Services, Inc. pairs specific, tailored supports with strategically applied technology to provide the people we support with a level of freedom and security attained only by providing the right amount of support at the appropriate time.