We provide paid training opportunities for employees providing direct care services to gain the skills necessary to perform their job duties. As a convenience to employees, typically all training is provided within the organization by Innovative Services Trainers.

Along with program specific training, other training opportunities may include the following:

Personal Care Worker (PCW)

This class discusses and practices techniques for assisting individuals in moving around their homes, assisting with bed baths, bathing and showering, with special attention to safety processes when using walkers, wheelchairs and lifts. This class also covers topics like personal hygiene and infection control.


This class combines lectures and hands-on practice with simulators to train employees to properly perform CPR. Employees learn methods for clearing airway obstructions and how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator). They practice providing CPR to adults as a solo responder and as a two-person team.

First Aid/Choking

This course builds upon CPR class training, allowing employees to improve their CPR skills and acquire basic first aid skills as well. Course materials teach immediate care procedures for stroke and heart attack victims. You will also learn treatment methods for burns, fractures, bites and other injuries. You will study signs and care for shock, diabetic reactions and internal bleeding. This also teaches employees about all the First Aid components and procedures to alleviate choking.

Fire Safety

This course identifies elements necessary for fire to exist, as well as fire prevention techniques. It will also describe various types of fire warning and suppression devices and ways to plan for fires and conduct drills.

Medication Administration

Any unlicensed employee, who manages, administers or assists individuals with prescribed or over-the-counter medications shall complete this training. Employees learn the difference between supervision administration and dispensing of medication as well as recording medication and preventing errors.

Standard Precautions

Standard precautions are made up of a system of safeguards designed to protect employees and the people they support. Employees will learn the methods/procedures to prevent the spread of pathogen causing infections, including proper protective equipment and correct hand washing techniques and safe work and housekeeping practices.


This course includes dietary needs menu planning, food preparation and proper sanitation.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

You may face challenging behavior and potentially dangerous situations as a direct support provider. This training focuses on prevention and offers proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.

Safe Client Handling

Innovative Services strives to exercise the safest means to assist in transferring, assisting and repositioning individuals. This training includes demonstration of proper body mechanics, appropriate transfers/ repositioning and each specific device to the program.

Mental Health Orientation

This course is an Overview of Mental Health Topics and Services at Innovative Services.

Continuing Education

Ongoing Learning is also provided after initial required training is completed. This can include course refreshers, internal in-services, outside conferences and more.