Youth Services

Description of Services

Innovative Services has been providing community-based youth supports since 2007. The focus of our youth services is on maximizing natural supports in the youths’ own environments. Providing supports in-place helps to reduce out-of-home placements, police and crisis calls and further trauma to the people we support, their families and the community. Our supports teach youth about barriers and how to manage and overcome them.

Supports are provided to young people from pre-school to high school years. Innovative Services has experience supporting young persons and their families with the following:

  • Mental Illness

  • Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Physical/Medical Concerns

  • Autism Spectrum Diagnoses

  • Alcohol and other Drug Abuse

  • Juvenile Delinquency

  • Multiple Challenges

  • Child Protective Services

Benefits of Youth Services

Supports are offered 24/7 and are based in the community. Innovative Services provides support in a level 5 treatment foster program in the Fox Valley. We support youth in other residential settings, in their homes and in schools. Supports are individualized and focused on recovery. All supports are directed toward establishing optimum choice and independence for youth and their families.

Flexibility, preventative care, and innovative approaches are trademarks to the supports provided by Innovative Services. We bring our supports to where the individuals live and tailor the supports to the changing needs of the youths supported and their families.

Additionally, creative approaches to providing supports allow Innovative Services to implement highly efficient and effective solutions that can help reduce behaviors and crisis and law enforcement intervention and ultimately maximize cost savings.

Positive Outcomes

Innovative Services has proven repeatedly to improve the life quality of people supported. These improvements are demonstrated in personal goal achievement, skills built and significant reductions in the behaviors that initiated referral to the program such as school absences, incarceration, hospitalization, out-of-home placement, or unstable or unsafe home environments.

When planning and implementing supports, we take a comprehensive approach, focusing on any number of influencing factors. Our staff work with youth and their families to build strength and resilience when facing challenging situations. They also help establish supports for managing illnesses and medications and substance abuse prevention.

The use of positive role-modeling helps to develop important social and communication skills and enhance respect for others. These techniques can also help the youth supported with the identification and regulation of emotions and augment problem-solving skills.

Depending on the needs and goals of the person supported, services may be provided individually or in groups and include afterschool and summer programming. Many supports build in training and practice of independent living and pre-vocational skills and experience building healthy lifestyles and attitudes.

Community Integration

Innovative Services supports take place in the homes and communities of the young people. In these settings, the youths receive support and assistance learning new life skills in their real-life settings. Although Innovative Services goes into the community to provide these supports, this is just a small portion of community integration for the youths supported.

There is a strong focus on supporting the young people to become active participants in their community, like any other child. The supports center on increasing and facilitating positive experiences within the person’s personal circles and helping to build confidence in his or her ability to manage challenges.

As youth grow their abilities and become more confident, they are encouraged to interact more completely within their communities. These interactions might be as simple as ordering their own meal or asking a librarian for assistance with a book or might include something much more challenging and complex such as volunteering with a charitable organization or participating in a pick-up game in the park.

Throughout all community involvement opportunities, each interaction is used as a learning tool to help build important skills in communication, confidence, and social interaction. Staff help to coach the youth through interactions as needed and follow up with positive reinforcement to productive decisions and interactions, establishing a foundation for healthy community involvement and interaction for a lifetime.