Our Technology


It all started when…

Innovative Services began using SimplyHome technology in community living programs in 2006. Pairing the SimplyHome technology with staff supports allows the opportunity for greater independence in many circumstances by making it possible for people to live in a setting that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

For many people, access to maximum independence and self-determination may be blocked by a few, specific needs requiring greater support that is typically only offered in more restrictive settings. For example, requiring assistance with cooking may preclude a person from living in his or her own home or apartment due to the inconsistent nature of the supports needed to achieve that level of independence.

Combining the unique approach taken by Innovative Services with the SimplyHome system, people are able to make choices about when they receive assistance. For example, a person who struggles with preparing meals requiring multiple steps may have no troubles reheating leftovers. Using SimplyHome technology, Innovative Services staff are alerted when the stove comes on, or if the stove is left on too long, and can check in to see if the person they are supporting would like help preparing the meal. This allows for a truly person-centered approach to services that embraces personal choice and lifestyle in long term supports.

In addition to empowering people to live and participate in their communities, combining Innovative Services supports and SimplyHome technology allows for public funds to be used more efficiently. This unique model not only creates a cost savings but also opens the door to serving more individuals in a community setting.