Community Supported Living


People served through the community supported living programs live in their own homes or apartments, most often alone or with a roommate. The foundation of a community supported living program begins with an evaluation of a person’s capabilities and desires. From that information, Innovative Services builds a specific and appropriate support system that ensures the person’s desired outcomes are realized with a primary focus on achieving maximum independence through enabling the individual to attain his or her own outcomes whenever possible.

Acknowledging each person has a unique set of support needs and accessible natural supports, Innovative Services uses a combination of supports tailored specifically to the needs and desired outcomes of the person supported. These supports are often paired with specialized technologies and may include activities of daily living, transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, medication assistance or money management, etc. Staff in community supported living programs are trained to support people appropriately while maintaining a focus on assisting individuals in the development of the skills necessary to achieve desired outcomes on their own in the future.

It is a high priority for Innovative Services that people living in their own apartments and homes have the opportunity to, and are encouraged to, become active citizens in the communities in which they live. While it is recognized that each person has the right to choose the level of involvement in his or her local communities, Innovative Services believes strongly in its responsibility to facilitate opportunities for each person to give to and receive from their communities.

Community Integration

For many people, achieving the opportunity to live in their own home or apartment and going on outings in the community is a significant accomplishment in their personal goals for independence. Innovative Services is proud to be a part of helping the people we support attain these personal goals, but for Innovative Services, community integration goes far beyond a living space and some community outings. Innovative Services views each outing in the community as an opportunity. These opportunities to interact with and participate in their communities are tailored to the specific interests and needs of each individual and allow people to access their communities, be present, and experience what the community has to offer.

Recognizing that all people may inherently want to be citizens in their communities, facilitating the opportunities and experiences that allow a person to explore and discover his or her gifts and develop opportunities to share those gifts within the community becomes the real foundation of community integration and a basis for individual supports. Innovative Services respects the right of each person to choose his or her level of involvement within the community but encourages people to build relationships and connections within the community that facilitate opportunities for that person to give to the community and thusly receive from his or her community as well.

In addition to establishing new connections within the community, Innovative Services believes another significant aspect of community integration is maintaining and incorporating current personal and community contacts into an individual’s daily life. This includes things many people take for granted such as having family over for dinner or enjoying a night out with a co-worker.

In many ways, establishing and maintaining those personal connections can significantly broaden the scope of supports and may even include supporting and assisting a person with tasks such as sending a text message or managing a social media account.

Crisis Response and Support

Innovative Services offers a 24/7 crisis response to all people receiving supports from Innovative Services, regardless of where they live. These supports can range from de-escalation in a person’s home or in the community to a short-term stay at a transitional bed.